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Locally Sourced Coffee × hand crafted drinks × totally weird concoctions


Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Rabbittown Coffee is the city’s first mobile espresso bar. We try to make the best (and weirdest) coffee and tea drinks around. If you don’t like it, you’ll get a refund and a high five for at least trying it.

Rabbittown Coffee opened its window in June 2018 and is located all around the streets of Fredericton. Since then, sister duo Stefanie Loukes and Katie Cunningham have been serving both quality interpretations of classic coffee drinks and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of experimental, non-alcoholic elixirs.

Rabbittown Coffee’s interior and branding, designed by the award-winning Loukes, reflects the hip sensibilities of the downtown while also paying tribute to Fredericton’s storied past (see below for more on the history of Rabbittown)

Katie Cunningham (Left) and Stef Loukes set up at the Garrison Night Market

Katie Cunningham (Left) and Stef Loukes set up at the Garrison Night Market


Th 4p–9p Garrison Night Market

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The historically rich neighbourhood formerly and still (on google maps) called ‘Rabbittown’ was once the mainstay of the proud working class engine, in the early 20th century, nestled in the industrial core of Fredericton. Also referred to as “Brick Hill” due to the presence of the bright red brick on the train station, Hartt Shoe Factory and the Chestnut Canoe Factory.

“From 2012 - 2014, Solo Chicken Productions heralded a rich community arts celebration of the historic Fredericton neighbourhood of Rabbit-town, called the Animating Rabbit-town Project. This major community collaboration involved the creation of a blog, in-depth historical research, free workshops for seniors and youth, community events such as the Rabbit-town Christmas Concert, a free walking tour and partnerships with numerous community organizations such as St. Thomas University, Connaught Street School and the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. “